Glenmont Community Church
Glenmont Community Church
Glenmont Community Church
Glenmont Community Church

At Glenmont Church we believe…

...the Bible holds the message of God's love for the world

...God our Creator saves us through Jesus Christ, and sustains us     through the Holy Spirit

...God has the power to completely change our lives is easier to seek God and to do God's will when we belong to a community that worships God and supports one another


...everyone is welcome here


We may not always agree on everything, but love and community are our highest values.

Glenmont Church is protestant, a member of the Reformed Church in America, and is governed by elders and deacons who are elected by the congregation.

Glenmont Community Church
1 Chapel Lane
Glenmont, NY 12077

Phone: 518-436-7710

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